Bring Your Own Brain!

Bring Your Own Brain


Let’s face it.  We are going to have to use our brains increasingly to survive in a world of growing knowledge.  As educators, we are responsible for the growth of young brains.  Adults, as well, need to keep dendrites growing so that we might improve our own brain’s health and longevity.  How do we keep our brains young as our bodies age?  How can we optimize thinking capabilities?  How important is a positive learning environment?

This session will be highly interactive and brain-compatible.  Participants will be exposed to the latest research and find out how important dendritic growth is in the educational process as well as for our individual well being.



•           The basic biological functions of the brain

•           How learning affects the brain

•           The process of memory

•           The “hooks” for gaining attention

•           The tower of emotion

•           The importance of making connections

•           The importance of a variety of strategies

•           How to create experiences that optimize learning



•          Become aware of the importance of the knowledge of how the brain works

•          Make a connection between brain research and many other successful educational initiatives

•          Help you in promoting a more brain-compatible environment for learning

•          Enable you to present an awareness session on brain compatible learning

•          Gain information on how to have a healthier brain

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