Mind Styles

In order to be the best person you can be you must first recognize and develop your finest attributes.  In the Mind Styles presentation, these attributes can be discovered and analyzed in depth by taking the self-assessment instrument developed by Dr. Anthony Gregorc.  The word develop means “to unwrap.”  That which is to be unwrapped is the body of latent abilities that we have within our minds and psyches.  Becoming aware of Mind Styles contributes to each person’s developmental task of forming a healthy, true identity by valuing and validating individual ways of thinking.

This seminar focuses on the nature of cognitive styles and their implications for professions in the educational and corporate world.  Participants will take the Gregorc Style Delineator and receive a balance of theory and application. They will become aware of possible reasons for conflict at home as well as in their professional and/or civic life.

Topics include:

•   an anatomical view of the psyche and mind;

•   how to use the Gregorc Mind Style Model to improve self-awareness and professional relationships;

•   how to recognize psychological strengths and limitations;

•   ways of increasing professional self-esteem via appropriate style development and style flex training; and

•   ways in which to optimally understand yourself and others.



Gregorc Style Delineator

Anthony Gregorc, President

Gregorc Associates, Inc.

Columbia, Connecticut 06237-9975

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