Keynote Speaker for Business and Non-Profits


How is an educator like Dr. Deborah G. Estes a great keynote speaker for business and non-profits?

Keynote Speaker for Business, Educators, Non-Profits
Deborah G. Estes, Ed.D.

Dr. Estes’ interest and knowledge of the brain and how this knowledge can motivate, improve teamwork and leaders, as well as generate new ideas, motivate and leverage strengths and abilities to propel an organization forward through events and workshops provides value to business and non-profits beyond motivational keynote speeches and results in actionable outcomes.

Dr. Estes is known for her innovation, creativity and energy! Our attendee surveys indicate that the content as well as the presentation was meaningful for them and provided them with actionable ideas to move their team, organization or board forward. Having been an educator, a leader and board member, Dr. Estes understands the unique challenges to achieve higher and higher standards and goals in a challenging environment.

Your business or non-profit will benefit because Dr. Estes provides:

  • Material designed to meet your organizations needs – achievement based
  • Cognitive, Engage the Brain Presentation Structure based on Dr. Estes study and knowledge of the brain and how we engage in teams or to achieve
  • Strategies for Performance Management
  • Performance Measurement Strategy
  • Captivating and Inspirational Presentation Format
  • Experience that enables Dr. Estes to relate to any audience from Team to Board

Experience in Education translates to business and non-profits that must engage communities and stakeholders at different levels. The audience for the Executive or Board Member that is responsible to stakeholders like donors, shareholders, alliance organizations and Vendors is significantly different from the customer audience or those that are served by the organization. Facilitating, inspiring and creating new ways to engage are Dr. Estes’ strengths in consulting, creating workshops and speaking to business and non-profits.

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