Thinking Differently – A Video from the Mayo Clinic about Unexpected Conversations

A video from the Mayo Clinic relating to their Transform Symposiums.

Sarah Miller Caldecott, a great grandniece of Thomas Edison, has been engaged in creativity and innovation throughout her life. She is the co-author of “Innovate Like Edison”, a biography of Thomas Edison’s life with a special focus on his innovative mine and habits. She visited Mayo Clinic pm January 4th and spent some time at the Mayo Clinic Department of Engineering before and presenting to Mayo Clinic employees on the innovative thinking and approaches used by Thomas Edison.

The speaker discusses the timeless innovation methods and thinking styles of Edison.  The book “Innovate Like Edison” is about “how to create competitive advantage in today’s global economy through the timeless innovation methods of world-changing inventor and innovator Thomas Edison.” The co-author is Michael Gelb.

“People who haven’t considered Thomas Edison since high school will see him in a new light, so to speak, after reading Innovate Like Edison.” —USA Today

Michael J. Gelb is also the author of the international bestseller How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci. He is an internationally renowned pioneer in the field of organizational innovation.

Sarah Miller Caldicott holds an MBA from Dartmouth’s Amos Tuck School of Business and is a twenty-year marketing veteran. She is the great-grandniece of Thomas Edison.

Innovation comes from thinking differently, leveraging our learning and communication styles, “unexpected conversations” that impact our perceived norms and the inspiration that comes from the diversity in teams. As discussed in this video, Edison set the “climate”, employees owned the “culture” and their was dynamic interaction. Collaboration leads to creativity and innovation.

The trademarked “Five Competencies of Innovation” are:

  • Solution Centered Mindset
  • Kaleidoscopic Thinking
  • Full-Spectrum Engagement
  • Mastermind Collaboration
  • Super-value Creation

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