Dr. Estes’ Favorite Introduction

Dr. Deborah G. Estes’ Favorite Introduction

This happened:

It’s a privilege this morning to introduce my friend Debbie Estes. And she is my friend…..and our friend. In fact, if you have spent more than two minutes in her company, she considers you almost family.

She has had phenomenal success in teaching people how laughter can heal the body and soul. No surprise from someone whose childhood dream was to be a comedian or a missionary. Instead she became a teacher, thus accomplishing both dreams at once.

Her other “greatest job ever” is as a mother to two daughters (another adventure that requires you to be part missionary and part comedian), and she says that they are her true north.

Her newest “dream job” as a relationship whisperer…a term I had not heard until she mentioned it. And in my mind, I think that she’s already there, enriching our world and our lives through the relationships she values, fosters and promotes. She’s here this morning to “bless our hearts and souls” with learning through laughter. Join me in welcoming her to the stage. – Debbie Cooke, Florida

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