Fasten your seatbelts – Dr. Deborah G Estes

Fasten your seatbelts: Dr. Deborah G. Estes

An introduction to Dr. Deborah G. Estes

It is my honor to introduce you to my friend, and your soon-to-become friend Dr. Debbie Estes. I first met Debbie in 2014 when serving as conference chair for the Virginia’s adult education conference. Debbie was recommended as the conference keynote speaker and I was promised she would provide the perfect blend of substance, humor, and energy, and BOY did she deliver!


Debbie has the gift of teaching people how laughter can heal the body and soul. Given her childhood dream was to be a comedian or a missionary this is no surprise. She was able to accomplish both dreams at once by becoming a teacher which she describes as the “greatest job ever.”  Debbie’s other “greatest job ever” is as a mother to two daughters–which, foras the parents among us know, requires the combined skills of a missionary and comedian. In speaking with Debbie just a month ago to finalize our plans for this conference I found out her latest “greatest job ever” is being a new grandmother, and I’m sure she has plenty of pictures to share.

At this time I ask you to open your minds and hearts, fasten your seatbelts, although not too tightly, and join me in welcoming our newest friend, Dr. Debbie Estes.

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