Brain Power

Brain Power

In today’s world the most important employable skill for adults and children alike is the ability to think. The way in which we think will dictate our reality. To understand the process of thinking we must first begin to understand the brain and its capabilities.

The one organ in the body that changes on a minute to minute basis is the brain. How can we engage it more fully? How does emotion and understanding increase learning? How important is purposeful movement? What are ways in which we can increase attention on the part of students whether we are working with adults or children?

Reflection is a necessary part of the learning process and without it meaningful learning cannot occur. We will participate fully in reflective exercises that will allow people to not only reflect on the learning but to decide how to use this learning when they leave.

Also, it is incumbent as adults that we know how important it is to take care of our own brains as we age. In the words of one of my favorite superintendents, Dr. John Horn, “the number one learner in the classroom must be the teacher.”

Participants will leave with knowledge and skills of how to engage the brain more fully.

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