What do People Say about Debbie?

Keynote Speaker Educators Education Training workshop
Dr. Estes

September 11, 2018

From the presentation evaluations:

Deb was amazing! One of the best workshops we have had. It was relevant, thought-provoking, and really innovative.

Principal in Washington 

Very insightful, interactive, and engaging seminar. It was a blast, and very informative. Thank you very much.

Fifth Grade Teacher

August 11, 2018

Dr. Estes,
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Bastrop ISD Convocation Aug 9th. I left feeling positive and with a bright outlook for this school year. I very much enjoyed meeting the new people during our greeting times and it seemed to bring a drawing together of individual campuses into a whole unit. May you have a wonderful weekend. 
Carrie Jane Brotherton
Attendance Clerk/ Receptionist
Gateway DAEP Campus BISD


June 13, 2016

Hello Deborah,

It was an absolute pleasure to attend your training on Thursday in Vail! You really wowed a sometimes picky/spoiled bunch of coordinators. 
As promised here’s the poem I shared by my favorite slam poet, Andrea Gibson. I could only find the image of this poem and can’t seem to find it on her website (which mainly provides YouTube videos of her performing). So, attached is the image that is what I read from and here it is below:
Nicole Swaggerty, MPH, District Healthy Schools Coordinator

Hi Deb,

The feedback we received about your session with the coordinators was beyond spectacular…seriously, they truly appreciated your expertise and the user-friendliness of every single strategy you provided to them last week.
Nicole, wow, what a wonderful poem. Thank you so much for looping me into this email.
Deb, a heads up, coordinators are starting to request your participation in fall events for their healthy school team members and supporters. Lara and I will review the requests when I return from vacation and touch base about some options. 
Have a loverly week you wonderful ladies!

Hello Debbie:

How are you?

Not an occasion passes without someone remembering your inspirational Keynote at the WOVI Annual Conference.  I figured that it’s time I contacted you to let you know that even after almost three months your words are still resonating with people, and they are living what they have learned.  Sometimes people mention “eye hug”, or they speak about changing colorless pages to brilliant colors,  and show appreciation to others as they learned on that day.

One of the things that also gets mentioned is how you delivered an outstanding speech and got everyone happy and excited, then you had to leave to go to a funeral (or was it two?)

I don’t know who actually inspires you, but your ability to change the lives of people through your words is exceptionally inspirational.  I love it!

Hope you’re doing well.  I look forward to seeing you sometime.

Best Regards,

Mary Mukhtarian

October 28, 2013

Hi Deb,

I had the privilege of hearing your keynote and then working with you in a small session at VAACE last week. I wanted to tell you how invigorating this was for me.There are so many things I want to thank you for. Thank you for not only giving me nuggets that I can take back with me (e.g. “practice makes permanent”, “the brain loves novelty”, etc.), but for modeling these things. Thank you for giving me new ideas about how the brain works. Thank you for reminding me to keep my learners active.  I love to have students move around in class, but in my drive to cover everything and to get them through this test, I have allowed this important method to fall away. Big mistake, and I won’t do it again!

I came straight back from VAACE n Thursday night and taught a Math class, and I incorporated many of the things you taught me or reminded me about. We took a class temperature and talked about what we’ve learned so far (that class marked the 1/2 way point of the course). This class is reticent, so I left the room and gave them time to talk to each other before I returned, and they were so much more willing to share than if I had just asked for feedback! We moved around and worked with other people. We laughed and had fun.

You’re doing such good work. Thank you again, from my heart.


July 7, 2011

From Gwendolyn K. Baker, Chief Operating Office of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Thank you for presenting at the 12th Annual Summer Institute of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Your participation helped to add tremendous value to the Institute. Participants have echoed over and over that they received information about the foremost topics and issues affecting adolescents today and that it was delivered in a professional yet engaging manner.

From Patrick Higgins, Jr. in Chalkdust 101 The Key to Moving People is Moving People

I present frequently to my departments, and I’ve struggled recently with creating engaging content.  Not that what I am saying is earth-shattering stuff, but I know that there are moments in my presentations that I need to invite the audience to digest what I am saying and give me feedback.  Sitting in Estes’ presentation, I learned that I have not been nearly observant enough of my audience; your audience and being able to read them and redirect them through the use of movement, storytelling, and, of all things, touch, determines the success or failure of your message.  Information without reflection and discussion does nothing for learners.  Give them the chance to hash out what you are saying and clarify it for one another and you stand a much better chance of making a difference in their learning.

After leaving the room, I realized that not only had I met over 20 people during the course of her presentation due to the movement and socialization, but I reflected on the attitudes of the staff that I work with as they receive information during faculty or department meetings.  Wow.  I see the source of their boredom and frustration.  They are disconnected from the information because they never have time to reflect on it.  The subtleties of presenting were on display for me today, and I thank Deborah Estes for sharing them with me.

From Vancouver, B.C., Canada, from Headmaster B.C. —-

Debbie Estes was the central presenter at the professional development conference of the Independent Schools’ Association of British Columbia.  This three-day conference saw Debbie presenting information on brain-compatible learning to a large group of teachers who attended accompanied by the usual cynicism of ‘experts’ when confronted by one appearing as a ‘greater expert.’

Literally within minutes, she had us all eating out of our hands — a situation she sustained throughout three days of plenary, group and individual sessions.

She brings essential characteristics to bear:  first, she is thoroughly knowledgeable, never faltering when giving planned information, never hesitating when responding to questions; second, she presents quite brilliantly, linking concepts to reality, using humor appropriately – and plentifully – and continuously monitoring her audience for feedback; third, she is a genuinely empathetic person who enjoys other people and likes them; this connects her to her audience in a quite remarkable way.

We are better teachers (and people) for having met her; we recommend her without reservation to any interested party.


From Pontotoc, Mississippi, from MSDC President —

You were the hit of the conference.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the pre-conference and many participants used some of the techniques the next day.  How is that for instant implementation!  I know we will continue to utilize the many strategies and ideas that we learned.

Your keynote address was fantastic!  Those who did not attend the pre-conference were disappointed that they didn’t.  Not only was your presentation informative, but it was interesting, relative, and entertaining.


From a letter of appreciation

No letter of appreciation can adequately express the deep gratitude I would like to convey.  Your presentation for our administrators was simply outstanding.  In less than four hours, you accomplished what I have hoped for and dreamed of for several years — the creation of an inspired leadership team.  You awakened us to new knowledge about teaching and learning, and your humorous presentation style left an imprint on our minds that I could only describe as indelible.  I have never before witnessed as much enthusiasm from the collective group as I witnessed that day.

Your presentation touched the lives of at least 110 individuals that day.  I have no doubt that each of those individuals will use the knowledge to lead and inspire others.  I am truly grateful.


From an organizer

Wow!  What a presentation!  Your message was wonderful.  We’ve received a lot of feedback already–all participants really enjoyed your inspiring words.  I am truly grateful for your help.  When community leaders lend their time and talent to United Way, it sends a strong message.  The agencies feel appreciated for the work they do.  The public senses the importance of United Way’s responsibilities.  And as well, it gives hops to those who receive services.  Thank you, Debbie, for a great keynote.


From the College of Education and the Stephen F. Austin Center for Professional Development of Teachers

On behalf of the entire College of Education and the SFA Center for Professional Development of Teachers, we thank you for your excellent presentation at our fall conference.

Evaluations from the conference participants are overwhelmingly positive.  Teachers and administrators have been especially complimentary of the way you modeled excellence in teaching during the opening session.  Overall, we believe this has been one of the most well received conferences we have ever had, and much of the positive response is due to your participation.


From the Arts Partners Symposium

Thank you so much for your incredible presentation at the ArtsPartners Symposium.  Your sessions were inspiring, engaging, thought provoking and transformational to exercise only a few superlatives that apply.

I speak for the entire audience when I say how much we enjoyed your playful and informative words of wisdom and insight.  Your received the highest rating on the evaluations, but we certainly didn’t need an assessment tool to gauge your approval rating.  You were a huge success!  Thank you for making a meaningful impact and for contributing to make our Symposium a tremendous success.


From Various Participants

Outstanding presenter!  I learned many things of which I was totally unaware.  Very interesting, well demonstrated, as well as fun…..

The demonstration of how the brain uses “I can and I can’t” was amazing.  I plan on using these ideas in my classroom….

Debbie provided a wealth of valuable information…..

A most engaging speaker.  I have so many new ideas…..

Debbie is interesting and dynamic.  I would love to see other presentations she might offer in the future….

I have so many new, creative and practical ideas to implement in my classroom……

These brain compatible techniques will make me more effective…..

From the Bureau of Education & Research


DR. DEBORAH ESTES is an experienced teacher, administrator and national trainer. She presents at national conferences as well as trains educators in brain-compatible strategies. Her seminars on applying brain research to classroom instruction are filled with practical ideas, interactive activities and modeled strategies. Her primary interest is in how brain research can directly impact our lives and those of our students. Debbie is known for her warmth, humor and ability to involve everyone in the fun of learning. As the author of Strengthen Your Students� Learning by Using the Latest Brain Research (Grades K-8), Debbie will model strategies that you can implement immediately in your own K-8 program.


Thought provoking! Inspirational! Enjoyable! Informative! Motivating! You have provided me with another tool in my quest to become a more effective teacher who recognizes the diverse needs of my students and seeks to meet those needs.� � Linda Chalker, Sp. Ed. Teacher

�Dr. Estes certainly �practiced what she preached�. I feel excited, stimulated and energized. � Betty Calhoun, Sixth Grade Teacher

�What a wonderful, informative and entertaining seminar! I learned so much that I can take back to my classroom.� � Jennifer Meehan, English Teacher

One of the best seminars I have attended. I have taught for 23 years and am always interested in learning new methods! This was so informative. Time well spent!!� � Debbie Gibson, Sp. Ed. Teacher

�Wow! What an inspiring and fascinating day! Debbie Estes was easy to listen to, funny and very informative. Loved it!� � Tricia Guggenheim, Third Grade Teacher

�Thank you for a wonderful, upbeat day. I am new to brain-based learning but was pleased to begin a new strategy for teaching with such great research information. Deborah is a wonderful presenter.� � Valerie Mathura, Title I Teacher

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