People Power

Deborah G. Estes, Ed.D
Dr. Deborah G. Estes

When people value one another and work together for a common cause great things can happen. According to Michael Fullan, “If relationships improve, schools get better.” How can we go about improving relationships and, thus, become a great team? How do we go about finding the deep source of energy, creativity, and passion that exists inside of each one of us by learning to love what we do?

In this session we will be reminded of six principles that help to form the basis of people power. Research in the business community has found that lightheartedness is found in any healthy workplace and this principle is the first one of the six. And, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all made the second principle, Make Someone’s Day, part of our regular routine. The research around the third principle, Connections, is powerful. In our society we must counterattack isolationism with connectedness. We will talk about the importance of using our brains and being truly present. And, lastly, making sure we choose our attitude and not have someone choose it for us.

Plan to be highly engaged and have serious fun.

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